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Real Estate Photo Retouching Services: Our Key Competencies

GIF84 has earned a place of its own among various Real estate photo editing services. Our high-quality professional photo editing and real estate retouching services have helped us in achieving it. Expert technicians at GIF84 are much experienced in real estate photo editing services and offers very high standards of work and quality. Our image editors take pride in presenting their services to the real estate sector whether it be the independent real estate photographers or the various real estate portals and realtors.

Real Estate Image Retouching is a simple service and it needs more concentration to build a world class photography service in real estate photos. In real estate image retouching services, we are using the updated software tools to expose our client’s business as a specialized comparison with their competitors. Real estate photo editing services include many critical processes like Color Cast Removal, Image Enhancement, HDR Image Blending, Perspective Correction, Photo Blending, Sky Changes, Still Image Enhancement, Panorama Stitching and much more. As a big portion of the real estate business is based on aspirations, functionality, and desires, the real estate sector relies much on the various image editing techniques to have improved images that can attract the potential buyers.

With our real estate picture editing and processing techniques, we can make your real estate images speak volumes to make the buyers consider your offering. Our professional editors are capable of offering a variety of real estate photo editing and blending services and our team takes pride in undertaking specific professional photo editing challenges that test their image editing skills and ideas. They are capable of mixing and complementing the various photo editing processes to offer you the best results with utmost quality, low turnaround times and above all affordable rates. Some of the real estate photo editing services that we offer includes.

Real estate photo retouching services we offer

Outdoor Object Removal

Outdoor object removal is one of the most widely used image editing technique in real estate. The process involves several techniques that will selectively remove any objects in the photograph that can cause an obstruction in the image. In real estate, the images must be well portrayed free of any disturbances that usually occur in the natural world such as trees, electric poles, and cars parked in front. Such a clean image is required for presenting the images to the web as customers often find such elements distracting from the original object portrayed in the image, which is the home or building.

Even the most professional photographers may find it hard to avoid any of the distracting elements in the frame. Opting for a composition in a different angle usually ends up in compromising the vital components of the highlighted property in the image. In the world of real estate, an image that is free of any distracting elements has the most preference. Moreover, most of the real estate business now uses online medium for promoting their ventures. Presenting to the web requires images that are appealing, spotless and free of any objects that distract the attention of the viewers.

real estate photo retouching services

Outdoor object removal is the preferred method employed by most Real Estate Photo Retouching Services in removing any distracting elements within the frame. They utilize industry-standard image editing software consisting of several advanced features for selectively removing any unwanted objects from the image. The process utilizes various techniques that are complex in nature and may not fit well with any non-professional editing skills. This is one of the key reasons that one should outsource their image to the professional real estate photo retouching services.

At GIF84, we offer a plethora of imaging services that are especially suited for the real estate industry. Outdoor object removal is one of our key specialties in the area of real estate image editing. We have a team of highly skilled imaging experts specializing in real estate image editing along with state of the art infrastructure of modern editing software and hardware. Our in-house imaging experts not only selectively remove any distracting objects from the frame but also make sure that the removed area and the rest portions of the image are spotless and seamlessly blended.

Real Estate Image Stitching

Image stitching in real estate is a process in which a series of images of the property are captured at different exposures. These images are then simultaneously worked upon and blended together to provide the best possible image of a property or an object. The technique of digital image stitching is widely used in real estate photo retouching to make sure that the properties that are for sale are displayed at its best and that the images truly showcase the glory of the property.

In the technique of photo stitching, real estate photo retouching professional’s work on two or more images of the same object and the various layers of tones and colors of the images are masked and unmasked to offer an eye catching image of the object. This technique is very crucial in real estate business, as different light quality can lead to different colors and hues, which need to be carefully edited and stitched together. Image stitching techniques are used to get rid of the variations in color tone and exposure for obtaining the perfect image of the object.

Image stitching will present the viewer with a feel of standing inside the property. This technique also involves providing an exact spherical panorama of the place. 360° panorama stitching offer the viewer the true feeling of standing inside the room or the property to have a 360° view of the place, which is similar to a virtual tour of the place. The technique of image stitching and virtual tour has immense uses in the real estate business as it provides the potential buyers with a clear view and feel of the overall property.

real estate photo retouching services

As the technique of image stitching can be used to make images that provide the highest impact, it is of great importance to all parties involved in the real estate business. The process of image stitching consists of numerous steps and only experienced photo editing companies like GIF84 can help you achieve the desired effects that you require.

The selection of images to be stitched together plays a vital role in the quality and appeal of the final image since they should be identical in exposure, color tone, texture and numerous other key imaging factors. If the images differ in these attributes, our technicians will utilize many image editing techniques to make the images match well in their attributes. These are then stitched altogether to offer the single image that will help you in selling your property.

Single Exposure Editing

Single Exposure Editing service is one of the most popular real estate photo retouching services that the real estate companies are after. However, most of the real estate businesses lack the necessary photo editing skills and expertise to bring the desired effects to their images, so they hire experienced photo editing services like GIF84 to accomplish the job.

In single exposure image blending, the professional photo editor works on a series of images simultaneously and later, these images are efficiently blended with the help of modern digital photo editing tools in order to provide the best possible image of the given object with proper tones and colors. This photo editing technique has wide application in real estate business.

Real estate companies need single exposure photo editing process to ensure that the properties that are listed on their website for rent or sale looks attractive without any unfavorable factors. In addition, a photo editing service can offer a professional touch to your ordinary digital images with techniques like image blending and single exposure editing to make them look stand out from the other ordinary images.

real estate photo retouching services

In single exposure editing, real estate photo retouching services work on two or more images of the property at the same time and try different combinations and blends of these images to bring the desired results. Additionally, photo retouching companies will mask or unmask the different layers of tones and colors of the images, to provide you with the best possible image.

Often times, you will have a single exposure when the sky is very bright and the foreground too dark. The quality of light at the time of capture can lead to different colors and hues in the image and in some cases, underexposure, or overexposure can ruin the beauty of the image. This is where real estate photo retouching services come into play. The image editing techniques offered by real estate photo retouching companies can easily transform an ordinary image of your property into something elegant and appealing.

This specialized process of single exposure editing and blending requires skill, expertise, experience, and access to quality image editing tools and applications, and we have all of it. GIF84 can help real estate companies and photographers to bring in the desired effects to the property images within the preset deadline.

Multiple Exposure Blending

Multiple exposure blending is a photo editing technique where a series of images shot on different exposures are efficiently blended together to produce an elegant digital image with the desired hues and tones. A perfect image of the property that looks attractive to viewers and potential customers is undoubtedly a necessity for all real estate businesses. Imaging devices have a limitation in their dynamic range, which can lead to a luminosity gap the brightest and darkest parts of an image.

Even the most advanced cameras will have limited dynamic range when compared to the human eye and this limitation can be much frustrating to real estate photographers. The aim of the real estate photographer will be to recreate the view of the property as natural as possible and to attain this they depend on multiple exposure blending or image blending.

Posting unattractive images on the website of your real estate business is a bad idea because it will draw away potential customers from the website. Therefore, it will be wise to seek the help of experienced real estate photo retouching services that have access to most modern photo editing tools and software applications, as they can bring the desired effects to your ordinary real estate image to make it look exceptional.

Picture4 1

A professional photo editor works on many images of the real estate property that are captured at different exposure levels. The editor will then use accurate software applications and tools to make sure that the final image is a blend of all the different shots with comparable exposure values. In addition to that, they will also ensure that the image shows the object or the property at its best.

You should never underestimate the importance of posting quality images of your property on the website because attractive images of the property will help to lure in prospective customers to buy the property, thereby allowing your business to flourish. However, most real estate businesses do not have the time or resource to edit their real estate images to make them elegant. This is where multiple exposure blending comes into play. We at GIF84 contain an expert team of skilled professional photo editors who are capable of meeting all your real estate photo-editing requirements.

Multiple exposure blending is a specialized and highly complex photo editing technique, which not just requires experience and expertise but also needs the latest image-enhancing tools. Only a professional photo editing service like GIF84 will have insider access to these types of tools. So, do not hire an amateur or freelance photo editor to edit your real estate pictures because they will not be able to bring the desired results to the image. Instead, you may hire our experienced real estate photo retouching services.

Real Estate Virtual Tours

The real estate industry has indeed progressed well in the way they attract customers in purchasing their offerings. The key strategy they implement is in diverting the interests of the customers in the products and services that are delivered. The shift to digital medium such as the web has paved the way for real estate companies in using innovative techniques in presenting their offerings to the customers. Real Estate Virtual Tours are one such offering by many of the real estate companies focused on the web. It offers a 360-degree view of both the interior and exterior of the property than a single point perspective of a still image.

Real Estate Virtual Tours involve stitching together multiple photographs taken at different angles to make up a complete 360-degree view of the image. For this purpose a specialized imaging equipment is utilized that can capture multiple exposures of a single location at radically different angles. These photographed images are then stitched together in post-production for obtaining a virtual 360-degree image that the user can navigate in any direction. Real Estate Virtual Tours have become the latest trends in real estate imaging. It offers the customers with a complete view of both the interior and the exterior of the property through a single image.

real estate photo retouching services

Real Estate Virtual Tours have several key benefits in real estate than using conventional imaging techniques. It offers an in-depth look and feel of the property to the customers, which is more satisfying than a single photograph. Moreover, it offers a conclusive look into the state and detail of the property thereby increasingly prompting them to purchase the property that best suits their interests. The navigational facility in virtual tours also enables the customers to have a clear understanding of the property that aids them in making a quick decision regarding the purchase.

Most real estate photo retouching services offer Real Estate Virtual Tours in real estate photo retouching. They employ some important process in creating 360-degree virtual tour images such as image cropping, photo alignment, image stitching, image mapping, company branding, and image optimization. At GIF84, we offer our clients with some of the best real estate image retouching and processing solutions. We have a team of experts specialized in creating 360-degree virtual tours for real estate.

We wholeheartedly undertake any request from a client in capturing a virtual tour of their properties for use in the web. Our state of the art facility combined with the most modern software and hardware will guarantee that the clients are delivered with their required virtual tour images well within the stipulated time.

Real Estate Sky Change Services

In Real Estate Photo Retouching Services, sky replacement plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall look of the image. Sky replacement services are also known as sky change services – the process of altering or replacing the entire sky element in the image. Enhancing the properties of the sky in an image is particularly important in real estate picture editing, as it can improve the overall look and ambiance of the image.

The sky occupies a major portion of the image in images of most real estate properties when compared to the other key elements that are positioned within the frame. Leaving a considerable amount of space for the exterior blue sky is crucial in real estate photography, as it can help highlight the key aspects of the image. While capturing an image of a real estate property, the pattern in the skies and the quality of light can vary. This can make the sky in the image brighter than the other elements and the image can be unattractive to the eyes of the viewer.

It is virtually impossible to obtain a perfect image with a balanced sky since digital photography still suffers from the issue of blown highlights and slight imbalances in the exposure, particularly the background sky. Moreover, the blown sky can make the image unappealing, particularly when the subject is a real estate property. This is why real estate photo retouching companies add blue sky for exteriors of real estate properties.

real estate photo retouching services

Image quality is one of the key aspects that determine the rate of success in attracting customers to a real estate property. In the highly competitive real estate world, the need for quality images with the right balance of all the elements is very high. Even a professional real estate photographer who has all the sophisticated imaging equipment will rely on sky change services offered by image editors. These editors are even capable of adding blue sky for window view in real estate images of properties with windows to make the images even more appealing.

The process of sky changing is time-consuming. In the world of real estate, the property put up for sale must be showcased immediately to harness the best results. This is where the importance of real estate photo retouching services is highlighted; Professional real estate image editors are capable of offering the best results within a quick span of time.

Our expert in-house team of professional photo editors who are specialized in the area of real estate photo editing can take care of all your real estate photo editing needs. We at GIF84 also have a group of qualified imaging technicians with expertise in sky change services and they can ensure that all your real estate imaging needs are met within the preset deadline.

Digital Decluttering

Clutter can be easily defined as too much stuff in a confined amount of space whereas digital decluttering is the process of deciding what to remove and what to keep. Almost all digital images contain unnecessary objects in their background and these objects may ruin the beauty of the entire image. In certain cases, the unnecessary objects in the background of your images may also make your real estate property look bad to viewers, which is not a good thing for your business.

We at GIF84 realizes the fact that each image that you show to your customers is business critical, which means that you will not be ready to compromise on the quality of these images. The digital decluttering service offered by real estate photo retouching services can help you display your images such as room, office, home or any other thing the way they will look for new homebuyers.

In addition to that, the photo editing services offered by GIF84 will also bring an amazing balance of color and lighting to your real estate image, as it will significantly improve the visual impact of your offerings. We have an expert team of photo editors who are highly proficient in digital photo decluttering photo editing technique and they can easily bring the desired effects to your real estate images and make them stand out.

real estate photo retouching services

The professional and experienced team of digital decluttering photo editors at our disposal can easily remove pool debris, general clutter, vehicles, and posters and put the focus back on your property. Additionally, if you want to change the water color or alter the background of any of your real estate images, then we can also help you accomplish that within a short span of time. Some of the major Real Estate Photo Retouching Services offered at GIF84 are as follows.

  • Fixing real estate images
  • Removing or adding items
  • Angle adjustments
  • Sky change and sky replacement
  • Level and curve adjustments
  • Removing dust spots
  • Removing flash shadows
  • Adjusting brightness and contrast
  • White balance adjustment
  • Highlighting the brightening shadows

If you are in need of any of the above-mentioned service, then do not be hesitant to us because we can bring the desired results you are looking for at an affordable price. So, contact us to know more about our policies.

Enhanced Window View

One of the major challenges faced by real estate photographers is that they are unable to capture images of properties with well-exposed windows and well-exposed interiors. Many real estate businesses realize the fact that perfectly exposed windows can bring a spectacular view of their property and attract potential home-buyers to it, which is the reason why they hire Real Estate Photo Retouching Services.

The dim interior of most rooms creates an extreme dynamic range, which makes capturing elegant and stunning images of windows impossible. So, if your real estate photographer is not able to capture enhanced window images of the property, then it is wiser to hire an experienced photo editing service, as they can enhance and improve the quality of your images in a short span time.

Using real estate images that lack quality or the ones with no enhanced window view on the website of your real estate business is not a good move. This is because unappealing and distorted images of the windows in your property may draw potential customers away from your offerings. So, always use high quality enhanced images of your property on the official website and other social media platforms.

real estate photo retouching services

We at GIF84 offer Real Estate Photo for window view service that will transform the entire look of the windows of your property and make them look a lot more bright and elegant. Enhanced window view service is a highly sophisticated real estate photo editing process and it requires great attention to detail.

In addition to that, this photo editing technique requires the use of most modern photo editing tools and software applications. Our expert team of photo editors has abundant knowledge and they have also dealt with several enhanced window view photo editing works, which means that they can easily bring the desired results to your image within the deadline. So, you can save all the money on re-shooting the real estate property because our photo editors can transform any ordinary real estate image into attractive and elegant ones.

Outsourcing the real estate photo retouching services works of your company will also help you to save plenty of your valuable time. Additionally, you will be able to focus on other important aspects of your business without worrying about the images of your property. If you are looking for an experienced and affordable real estate photo retouching services who delivers quality works within the preset deadline, then your search ends here.


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