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360 Virtual Staging Service

Let’s start by answering the question What 360 Virtual Staging is?

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360 Virtual Staging also (Panoramic virtual staging) is gaining speed by day as an add-on service to real estate marketing used for promoting listings. 360 Virtual Staging is an enhanced panoramic photo with embedded 3D virtual furniture and decors.

For those selling real estate, interior designs, or furniture, creating a feeling that the potential customer can really envision themselves inside a space is paramount. When those spaces are incomplete or are far away, though, utilizing 360 virtual staging is the next best thing. Creating believable, realistic virtual staging of a building or room can be challenging, though, as the technology and software required are complex and expensive. But GIF84 is here to help with our 360 virtual staging services. By tapping into our expert, you’ll get access to advanced technology without needing to operate these complexities yourself.

Incorporating 360 virtual staging will allow people to get the views and sensations of walking through the space, conveying more than a static, one-perspective staging. If your real estate or furniture business is looking to leverage these high-tech possibilities but don’t have the capabilities, call GIF84 today for a free consultation.

How is 360 Virtual Staging done?

360 Virtual Staging Service

360 Virtual Staging requires two components and three steps to be done. Component One: Panoramic 360 photo of a space and Component Two: Virtual Staging provider of DIY software. Step One: Photos are inserted in the application; Step Two: the 3D spherical scene is generated, and Step Three: 3D furniture and decors are imported. The software processes everything into a 360 virtually staged photo.

Pros of 360 Virtual Staging

  • It’s working best with vacant spaces. Staging empty units is always preferred demonstrates potential layout and furniture solutions to the new buyers.
  • It’s almost effortless from the realtor’s side of view;  Being non-invasive 360 stagings requires a 360 camera to capture the spaces, and the staging provider does the rest.
  • It’s fast. A few 360 staging panoramas can be done in the matter of 4-5 days
  • You can make changes, interested buyers can make changes and explore different options

360 Virtual Staging Service

Cons of 360 Virtual Staging

  • Deception: If not done right, it can be perceived as misleading by some buyers. Always make sure to state that these are virtually enhanced images or artistic impressions.
  • It can put off: If not professional stagers perform the 360 stagings, it can put off buyers in combination with low-resolution cameras and low quality.
  • It can be expensive: For some listings or agents where budget is everything, staging 360 panoramas can be an expensive task, especially if property done by expert virtual staggers

What does it cost 360 Virtual Staging to produce?

  • Prices for 360 Virtual Staging varies between $45 up to $250 per one panorama. The wider range of prices depends on:
  • virtual staging provider
  • their skills and experience

On average, with the first two points on the list, prices fluctuate between $45 and $150. Virtual Staging providers make up their prices based on their regional demand and experience.

  • the complexity of the space and project
  • quality of the panoramic photos

The second two points from this list are capable of increasing the cost of the 360 staging image. Bad photos will require more editing and virtual enhancement (still, the ultimate result can’t be guaranteed). Large complex spaces are tricky to do in general because of the quality of the lenses used by the 360 cameras. Amateur and Semi-Pro 360 cameras produce lens distortions affecting verticals.

360 Virtual Staging Services Offered by GIF84

Taking advantage of advanced technology to provide a 360 virtual staged view of a space does not have to be intimidating nor out of reach, and when you take on GIF84 for our 360 virtual staging services you can unlock numerous different service offerings:

  • 360 Real Estate Virtual Staging:  Showing someone a 360 view of a model of a building is a great way to make them picture it without visiting, but by engaging in 360 virtual staging then we can help you elevate these advantages to the next level.
  • 360 Virtual Furniture Staging: For those selling furniture or interior design, it’s likewise valuable to be able to show what a space will look like when the furniture is placed inside. Using GIF84’s service to make that virtual staging 360 degrees means you can virtually walk through it and view the final result from any angle.
  • 3D Virtual Tour: Real estate agents may want potential customers to do a walkthrough of a building virtually before it’s even built, but it will surely feel more like home when completed with our 360 virtual staging services.
  • Virtual Reality Walkthroughs: Taking the advantages even further, using 360 virtual staging services from GIF84 means that virtual reality based walkthroughs can be arranged with full furnishings.
  • Dynamic Decision Making Option Views: Use GIF84’s service to develop 360 virtual staging of the different design options you’re considering and you can walk through those options to choose without investing in implementing the design until you’re ready.

Benefits You’ll Enjoy By Using the 360 Virtual Staging Services from GIF84

The experts at GIF84 are among the industry leaders at implementing smart and effective 360 virtual staging projects. On top of these unparalleled skills, though, you’ll benefit from the following technical advantages of the GIF84 team:

  • Powerful data processors: The more complex a virtual staging gets, the more processing power it requires to compile and complete. Luckily, the 360 virtual staging services from GIF84 experts leverage industry leading data processors to ensure we can get the job done.
  • Agile and dynamic computing processes: Further, our 360 virtual staging experts will using prescribed computing process that are agile, dynamic, and allow for maximum flexibility to meet your needs.
  • Flexibility in program type and file delivery: Many software tools exist to get the job done with 360 virtual staging, but GIF84 uses and can deliver in any of these tools to fit the needs of your system and whatever your next steps are.
  • State of the art software upgrades: GIF84 makes sure all of its computers and its experts are using the latest upgrades and updates to all software packages, meaning your 360 virtual staging projects can take advantage of all the latest tools available.
  • Cloud services for quick delivery and storage: Once we complete your 360 virtual staging project, we’ll also be able to deliver your files via the most advanced cloud services possible.

Reach out to GIF84 Today to Learn More

When you outsource your 360 virtual staging services to GIF84, you’re taking on a partner who will deliver exactly what you need and more. Not only that, but our experts are highly trained and can deliver on whatever your tight deadlines may be. You might expect that this would come with extra cost, but at GIF84 we’re excited to offer you all of our technical and operational advantages while still allotting for industry leading prices. So, what’s holding you back? Get in touch with the 360 virtual staging experts at GIF84 today!

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